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LAI Wai Yi , Monti

本地環境藝術家黎慧儀藉作品觀照四周,探究人與自然的微妙連繫。黎氏於芬蘭阿爾託大學藝術及設計系取得碩士學位,主修環境藝術。現居於荔枝窩村,主要通過種植水稻等農耕探索有關議題。作品涵蓋在地裝置、繪畫及參與式藝術,曾於香港、丹麥、芬蘭、北京、德國及愛沙尼亞等地展出。黎氏正於丹麥奈斯特韋茲的Rønnebæksholm博物館參與《Moving Plants》國際聯展,透視植物連結本土與國際社會在環境議題上的美學參與和實踐。黎氏亦積極推動以藝術為本的環境教育,曾與多個本地與海外非政府組織及學校合作。由其策劃的「接觸大地- 荔枝窩環境藝術工作坊」剛獲2016年香港藝術發展獎之優異表現獎。黎氏最近成立「田邊藝術研究所」,邀請藝術家及不同界別的專業人士進行交流,探討藝術如何介入土地、生態、文化保育等不同議題,亦致力推動環境藝術在香港發展及普及。

Monti Wai-Yi LAI is an environmental artist in Hong Kong recognized for works that reflect on the relationship between art and the environment. Lai received her MA from Aalto University in Finland majoring in environmental art. She is now based at Lai Chi Wo Village exploring the same subject with farming practice whereas paddy rice planting in particular. Her work ranging from site-specific environmental installation to drawing and participatory art, has been exhibited in Hong Kong, Denmark, Finland, Beijing, Germany, Estonia, and amongst other places. Lai’s work is now exhibiting in “ Moving Plant”, an international joint exhibition, at Rønnebæksholm, Denmark , which focus on plants connect locally and globally upon environmental issues with aesthetic engagements. Lai also actively promotes art-based environmental education. She has been working with numerous local and overseas NGO’s and schools. "Touching the Earth - Environmental Art Workshop at Lai Chi Wo", a program led by Lai, has been awarded the Certificate of Merit in Hong Kong Art Development Awards 2016. Recently Lai sets up the Farmside Art Research Lab, inviting artists and professionals from different disciplines to work together in generating new idea and concepts on how art intervenes the debate on land, ecology and culture conservation. In addition, it aims at promoting environmental art to the general public.

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