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The Consistency of Art Amid Severe Pandemic

Written by CHAN Hiu Tung Ada

Co-presented by Art Together and Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, the latest Fishpond Sustainable Art Festival takes "Fishpond Canteen" as its theme. Affected by the pandemic, the participating artists this year gained inspirations in significantly different ways compared to the previous year. In what perspective will Studio Biped and Fiona Lee, who joined the festival for the first time, create artworks related to Tai Sang Wai? As for Brandon Chan, Ricky Luk (Humchuk) and Ku-Sem Evelyn, who gained an understanding of Tai Sang Wai last year, how has their relationship with the villagers and the way of artmaking changed this year? Impressed by the rural village flavour and the charm of the pastoral scenery, all the participating artists hope to present the connection between the Tai Sang Wai fishponds, the migratory birds, the environment and the villagers.

The coexistence of people, birds and fishes─Studio Biped

「Most conservation discourses that advocate birds and environment protection emphasize the plight of birds. But on second thought, it shouldn't only be the birds snatching the fish raised by fish farmers, nor the fish farmer giving to the birds when they coexist in nature. Isn't a reciprocal relationship possible?......」

Studio Biped公眾參與活動(1).png

Bring Tranquility Back To Tai Sang Wai─CHAN Pak Kin

「"You must familiarize yourself with the population distribution of the place, the names of the people and the stories behind, regardless of community type. Dialogue can only be initiated with mutual respect under a long term relationship." Bradon made this remark on participatory community art. He had many opportunities to interact with villagers last year, but the circumstance this year made this impossible......」


Record the Development of Local Fisheries and Agriculture─Fiona LEE

「When Fiona first visited the village, the birds' twitter gave her a strong impression. The birds' sounds around the fishponds in Tai Sang Wai distinct from those heard around Fairview Park. After communicating with the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society staff, Fiona learned that resident birds of Hong Kong are found around Fairview Park. In contrast, migratory birds are usually found around the fishponds. But the sounds of these birds are nonetheless rare in the city......」


Art Can Bring About Change - Humchuk, Ku-Sem

「Thanks to previous festivals, villagers like Auntie Lan and Brother Shing have got used to artists' existence. As a resident artist in this village, Humchuk believes it is his responsibility to tell the villagers what art is. "What I have been doing here is to tell others about the functions of art. Even young people may not know what art is, not to mention the elders. Perhaps the villagers do not know why we are here until now; they will not feel annoyed but curious about us." Every existence has its influence, and this is how the butterfly effect is derived......」

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