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Online Exhibition

​Participating Artists I Humchuk & Ku-Sem Evelyn


Along the fishponds


Paper & Sculpture


Extending the gathering at fishponds and recipe creation last year, we continue to explore art's sustainability through "Eating". By making moulds of different fishpond elements, participants can turn bread into a sculpture to feed fishes and learn about the fishponds' ecology and story. Also, we will make edible handmade paper related to the fishponds. We hope to discover more possibilities in food and “Eating” by bringing land, food, and people together.

Ricky LUK (Humchuk)


Ricky LUK, (Humchuk), graduated with a Masters degree in Architecture Design from the University of Hong Kong in 2012. 2014 He makes “life” as his full-time career and creates artwork about life. He use drawing as media to participate in different art project eg, picture book, performance and installation.


Ku-Sem Evelyn


Ku-sem is an artist whose primary practice is painting. Her fondness for plants and craft has led her to have a fascination with materials such as paper and fabric. Materiality often plays an important role in her work, where the materials she engages with, for instance, paint, paper, clay or the canvas itself can become elevated to the primary subject matter. Using predominantly a neutral and muted palette, she subtly transcribes her emotions, as if her work is her handwriting without words.


Artist's Thought













I have fewer chances to visit the village due to the pandemic. On every visit, I love listening to Auntie Lan chattering about the past and her daily life. When I have dinners at her home, sometimes she will give me the fruits she planted. I hope that the  pandemic will end soon, and I can visit Tai Sang Wai more often to enjoy meals and chat with the villagers. - Humchuk


It was a curious coincidence for me to participate in the Fishpond Sweet Sustainable Art Festival last year. Around six or seven years ago, I cooked for myself every day as I studied abroad. At that time, I started to collect, document and create recipes. Some are ordinary homely cuisine; some are dishes from my new friends' hometown; some are from old recipe books; some are dishes I specially made for my friends. These cuisines have connected me with individuals regardless of distance. Maybe due to my preference for making art with natural materials, cooking is also a creation to me that connects with others and even the Earth.


"There are loads of stories and memories in this handwritten recipe, but it was lost during a posting to Hong Kong…" I told Humchuk two years ago. I did not expect that he would receive an invitation for a recipe creation workshop on the following day and invited me to participate. In this way, I connect myself with different people through "Eating"; I learned about local fishpond culture through the ingredients from Tai Sang Wai; I learned about Hong Kong's ecology through papermaking with plants from Tai Sang Wai. I cannot wait to continue exploring the possibilities of sustainable art and "Eating" in the coming Fishpond Canteen Sustainable Art Festival.- Ku-sem


​Record of Participatory Workshop

Like Sweets


​There is no better time for sweets than Chinese New Year. But have your ever thought of hand-making preservative-free sweets with local ingredients? In this workshop, we are going to use the bananas planted in Tai Sang Wai to make cream toffee and wrap them with edible and decomposable wrapping paper.

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