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​Creative Writing | Excerpt

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CHAN Hiu Tung Ada

Graduated from Lingnan University with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Chinese in 2008. An art and culture lover, especially concerning the local art development in different fields, including films, comics, and art festivals. Currently working as an art and culture magazine editor, specializing in writing personal interviews, art critics and film reviews. A collection of works could be found in a local magazine ‘As Artistic As You’. Believing in interviewing means more than just a conversation between people. It is a process of collecting stories and understanding yourself from the others’ lives.

Artist Interview


Written By CHAN Hiu Tung Ada


「Co-presented by Art Together and Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, the latest Fishpond Sustainable Art Festival takes "Fishpond Canteen" as its theme. Affected by the pandemic, the participating artists this year gained inspirations in significantly different ways compared to the previous year. In what perspective will Studio Biped and Fiona Lee, who joined the festival for the first time, create artworks related to Tai Sang Wai? As for Brandon Chan, Ricky Luk (Humchuk) and Ku-Sem Evelyn, who gained an understanding of Tai Sang Wai last year, how has their relationship with the villagers and the way of artmaking changed this year? Impressed by the rural village flavour and the charm of the pastoral scenery, all the participating artists hope to present the connection between the Tai Sang Wai fishponds, the migratory birds, the environment and the villagers.」

Eddie Cheung.jpg

CHEUNG Wai Sum Eddie

Eddie CHEUNG Wai Sum is an art critic, artist and curator. CHEUNG received his Ba(hons) in Chinese from Lingnan University in 2006, also MA in Visual Culture Studies from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2009. He mainly focuses on the relationships and representability between art exhibition and artwork, with the purpose of exploring another way of interpretation for art exhibition.

“Fishponds Virtual Observation Diary”


Written By CHEUNG Wai Sum Eddie


「Once a fish pond, T used to supply H with plenty of local freshwater fishes. But times have changed, and T has lost pace with the development of H. Although citizens of H can now travel from the northern tip to the southern islands in hours with the convenient transportation network, the plain remains like the Land of Peach Blossoms looming in the wilderness. Perhaps it is the Ramsar Convention that inconspicuously protests the plain from Capitalism and development. I seemed to have heard a news report that an illegal immigrant sneaked into City H. Upon landing at T, he followed the city light, thinking he would arrive at the centre of City H. But it turned out that he followed the trace back to his homeland.」


LEE Boon Ying

Boon graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), jointly held with the Hong Kong Art School. He holds a postgraduate degree in physics and retired as Director of the Hong Kong Observatory after years of service at the government. His scientific background enables him to experiment with art by adopting a minimal approach, as exemplified by the frequent use of found objects. His art centres on forms and colours, culture and history. In his spare moments, he enjoys writing blogs covering a variety of subjects ranging from science to environment, literature and social issues.

 Art Together: Tai Sang Wai Diary


Written By LEE Boon Ying


「"Fishponds", "village houses", "the glassy ponds", "the sunset", "the waters and skies merge", "the stunning scenery of embers flying by"… One may presume Auntie Lan, the renowned figure of Tai Sang Wai, would make these remarks that are often mentioned by guided-tour docents.


Nine out of ten visitors probably agree with the above description of Tai Sang Wai. Some may even find this beautiful place in Hong Kong unbelievable. Nearly all the photos of Tai Sang Wai on the Internet taken a few years ago present the colourful huts along the fishponds. 」

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